Cdn Am Ch.Fourstar Celebration de Monet - Bred by Jayne Palmer.
Ch. Fulla Bull Oui Bonne Bon Bon - Bred & shown by us & co owned with Jane Norris.
Ch. Artemus Feets Dont fail me now - Bred by Margaret Cunningham
Ch. Monet's I am Fulla bull

BIS. Cdn. Am. Fulla Bull Shade - Multi Best of Breed and Group winner, 1st AOM FBDCA National Specialty, Top 20 Finalist FBDCA National Specialty, Top 15 USA. 
Ch. Fulla bull Amazing Grace - Shade and Grace are Co Owned with their Breeder Jane Norris.

Cdn Am Ch. Monitaps Patent Pending
Cdn Am Ch. Monitaps Starlight Express - Kao and Portia were Co Owned with their Breeder Pat O'Keefe

Ch. Monet's Madison Avenue - Co Owned with Bill Monohon.
Ch. Monet's Baroque le Banque - Co Owned with Eddie Maas
Ch. Monet's Voila Sorbet
Ch. Monet's Sweet Jorja Fox
Ch. Monet's Brass Tacks
Am Cdn Ch. Ray Ban Shades of Monet - Co Owned with Carey Brewer.
Cdn Ch. Rockydell Just Press Play - Kiefer was bred by Elena Siegman.
MBPIS. MBIS. BISS Cdn Ch. Monet's Brass Knuckles - Potter is owned by Bev Anderson.
Ch. Monet's Gig Magee - Potter's litter Brother.
Ch. Monet's Edna "E" Mode - Edna is co owned with Carey Brewer.
Ch. Monet's Black Lace Teddi
Ch. Monet's Give Me Liberty - co owned with Dorey Carlson.
Gr.Ch. Monet's Bling it On - Owned by Bev Gariano and Linda Maugeri.
Ch. Monet's Capote - Co Owned with Vicki Paxton.
Ch. Monet's Dickee Dundee
Ch. Monet Zoot Suit Riot  - co owned with Karen Holden.
Ch. Monet's Mega Blitz
Ch. Monet's Prince Machieavelli
Ch. Monet's Duz a Lot - Owned by Tacy Hedge
Cdn Ch. Monet's Etoile et Bramley - co owned with Dana Green.
Ch. Monet's Jolee Resolu - Owned by Tacy Hedge
BISS Am.Ch. Monet's Pretty 'n' Pied - Owned by Elsie Copeland and Susan Cooper.
Ch. Monet's Greek Hero
Ch. Monet's Joe Cool - Co owned with Jan Stitt.
Ch. Monet's Just a Gigolo
Ch. Monet's Monsieur le Crumb
Ch. Monet's Madeline la Crumb - Co-Owned with Ann Jensen.
Ch. Monet's la Petite Lucas
Ch. Monet's Mayfair Madam
Ch. Monet's Petite Bijou
Cdn Ch. Artemus Show me de Monet - Owned by Margaret Cunningham.

Ch. Monet's Victoria's Secret
Ch. Monet's C'est Esme
Ch. Willomere Roc Me Fulla Bull  - Co Bred with Bill Monohon - Roxy was owned by Jane Norris.
Ch. Monet's Step it Up D'Matisse - co-owned with Donna Cron.
Ch. Monet's Couch Commando - Bred and Owned by us. 
Ch. Bayhill Paint by Numbers (Monet) - co bred by us and owned by his co breeder Linda Maugeri 
Ch. Monet's Double Dipped - co owned with Carey Brewer and Bred by us.
Ch. Monet's Shaken not Stirred - co owned with Dorey Harmon.
Ch. Monet's Sumfun in Vegas - Owned by Karen Churchill
Grand Ch. Monet's Fist Bump - Owned by Melita Hopkins
Ch. Monet's Casino